My Story:

Wanting to explore emerging design disciplines and get more experience, I decided to do a masters in Digital Media Management at Hyper Island in 2014. That’s when my view changed of how I could use my design skills. I met a kindred spirit who also wanted to use design for something meaningful. We started Spaghetti and use this as our vehicle to drive change, actively demonstrating that things don't have to be the same.

"Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons." – R. Buckminster Fuller

Everyday we are all affected by massive social and systemic issues. I believe passionately that we can design a better future.  To get there design professionals and experts must think differently about the role we play in working with people, and we need to get to making and showing radicaly optimistic alternatives to the current status quo.  

I feel we all need to move away from a culture that is driven by egos and the idea of a 'hero designer' who comes up with all the answers. It seems to me that we need an approach that is more humble and open to the prospect of involving and supporting people through the creation process. Change is needed and we can't do it alone.


With a degree in Visual Communication and 3 years of management experience I combine a broad range of skills that I have developed further on my MA at Hyper Island. Some key skills include; Strategic Design, Rapid Prototyping, Project Management, Idea Generation & Concept Development, Change Management, User Experience: Human Interaction, design and research.


Current Focus:

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Co-Founder: Spaghetti.

Strategic Design

2015 - to date


Fellow of the RSA

(Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce)




Introduction to Art Direction



BA (Hons) Visual Communication

(2007 - 2010)


  • Freedom
  • Love
  • Self-Expression
  • Resilience
  • Excellence


Co-founded alongside Daniel Blyden in 2015, Spaghetti is a mission-driven collective of designers, design facilitators, idea and change agents who come together to help individuals, groups and organisations use design to shape the things that affect them.

It's all too easy to think about technology as smartphones, websites and apps. Many view digital transformation simply as upgrading offline services to online. However today's digital climate, it feels like massive change and transformation is affecting all our lives in many and varied ways. This needs addressing.

"We sit at the precipice of a completely new world. Unknown and unknowable. From exponential technologies that will transform our economy, to generational differences that reveal new ways of working and organising, the changes that are coming are seismic and sudden." - The Ready

We all need to ask whether change happens to us or if can we influence it? How do we view these changes? Are they challenges or opportunities?

Spaghetti started when we asked ourselves, as designers, this question; How might we help everyone to feel empowered to shape the world around them? We saw it as our role as designers - who are often in the role of shaping other peoples worlds - to ask and explore this very important question. The work we have done is varied and bridges private, public and third sector space.

There are four main streams of focus:

  • Collaborative Design—Working in a more facilitative capacity, building multidisciplinary projects that promote collaboration in organisations and communities. 
  • Design Projects—Using expertise to design strategy and concepts in relation to social innovation and digital transformation.
  • Ventures — Using venture design as a means to support established and startups businesses. Understanding how harenessing the potential of design can be the difference that delivers you a successful launch and a long term competitive edge.
  • Futures — Exploring trends in design, technology and the human experience to imagine new possibilities for the future.

We have learnt a lot but there is still much more work to be done.